About me

I’m Diego Escalante Urrelo from Lima, I’m a technologist combining my experience as a Free Software hacker with my B.A in Communication Studies to build software and conduct security research in the public interest as the Technology Director at Hiperderecho, a Peruvian NGO working in tech and human rights.

I got my start as a developer for GNOME and since then have worked for Free Software companies like IgaliaAutomattic, and BeezNest on Free Software projects like WebKitGTK+, Chamilo (previously Dokeos).

I’ve also acted as part of the Board of Directors at the GNOME Foundation (2008 – 2010) where I helped bootstrap Outreachy and other community-focused initiatives.

After I got my B.A. in Communication Studies I founded and ran Creative Block, a Communications consultancy where I created and developed a bunch of multimedia projects like podcasts (Cuarteto Reducido, Familia Moderna) and a satire news show (El Informante).

I also develop fun little internet projects at Cotidiano.co

I started Cotidiano.co, an accelerated blockchain kubernetes-ready venture capital artisanal 100% organic startup, where we develop things like Parchini, a “Free as in Freedom” sticker album for the 2018 FIFA World Cup (compatible with all individual sticker brands), Almorzamos.com, an aggregator for chain-restaurant lunch offers, and Ventura, a locally sourced notebook brand.

You can follow me on Twitter, read some recent articles I’ve published around the web, or some old posts in my personal blog.