About me

I’m Diego Escalante Urrelo from Lima, Perú. I’m work as a technologist and communications specialist. My peculiar life experience lets me combine my experience as a Free Software hacker with my B.A in Communication Studies to build software, produce podcasts, and conduct security and social research in the public interest.

My most recent work has been with Hiperderecho, a Peruvian NGO working in tech and human rights. I have spend the last few years helping them improve their technology and security stack and research, as well as helping conduct social research and communication campaigns. We also developed some fun projects like Conexiones de Hiperderecho, a podcast, and a Preguntas y Respuestas video series.

I got my start as a developer for GNOME and since then have worked for Free Software companies like IgaliaAutomattic, and BeezNest on Free Software projects like WebKitGTK+, Chamilo (previously Dokeos).

I’ve also acted as part of the Board of Directors at the GNOME Foundation (2008 – 2010) where I helped bootstrap Outreachy and other community-focused initiatives like the Travel Committee.

After I got my B.A. in Communication Studies I founded and ran Creative Block, a Communications consultancy where I created and developed a bunch of multimedia projects like podcasts (Cuarteto Reducido, Familia Moderna) and a satire news show (El Informante).

I also develop fun little internet projects at Cotidiano.co

I started Cotidiano.co with my pal Miguel, an accelerated blockchain kubernetes-ready venture capital artisanal 100% organic startup, where we develop things like Parchini, a “Free as in Freedom” sticker album for the 2018 FIFA World Cup (compatible with all individual sticker brands), Almorzamos.com, an aggregator for chain-restaurant lunch offers, and Ventura, a locally sourced notebook brand.

You can follow me on Twitter, or read some (oldish) blog posts in my personal blog.