Hey, I’m Diego Escalante Urrelo

I am a Free Software person, communications major, and specialty coffee enthusiast from Lima, Perú.

We might know each other from my Free Software work in GNOME, Debian or WebKit; or maybe from video/audio projects like Conexiones de Hiperderecho; or maybe even from my recent security and privacy research at Hiperderecho.

I’m a technology and communications person

I’m a former developer for GNOME and have worked for Free Software companies like IgaliaAutomattic, and BeezNest. I’ve also acted as part of the Board of Directors at the GNOME Foundation.

I hold a B.A. in Communication Studies that has informed my technology work and lead it into education and public+developer relationships roles.

I also develop fun little internet projects at Cotidiano.co

I started Cotidiano.co with my friend Miguel as a hub for fun projects like Parchini, a Creative Commons sticker album for the FIFA World Cup, Almorzamos.com, an aggregator for chain-restaurant lunch offers in Lima, and Ventura, a locally sourced notebook brand.

Some of my latest stuff

Articles on my security and privacy research at Hiperderecho