Carteles de la marcha: #KeikoNoVa, vol. 3

El domingo en Perú se escoge entre continuar con la democracia que tantas cosas buenas nos ha traído, o retroceder hacia la dictadura y la corrupción.

Cuando haya viajeros del tiempo turistas, los peruanos del futuro vendrán a esta semana a entender cómo se salvó, o se acabó de joder, el Perú.

Pero hasta que eso suceda, vota por PPK. La moral personal no se puede poner como excusa para mirar hacia otro lado, lavarse las manos, y dejar que secuestren al Perú aquellos que lo destruyeron en los años noventa.

Domke F-5XB: A minimalist shooting bag. One year review

The Domke F-5XB (700-52A) is a very popular bag with photographers and it’s a perfect fit for shooting with a minimalistic setup. It’s very well built and has a “no bullshit” philosophy that’s perfect for grab and go shooting.

I have used this bag for a year now, and it’s the perfect time to share my thoughts on this nice piece of gear.

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Stallman on happiness and perseverance

What does happiness signify to you, I asked him, if it isn’t based on wealth and comfort?

“Happiness for me is a combination of feeling good about myself and having love,” he said. “And to feel good about myself, I have to do things that convince me I deserve it.”


“The point is, even though it’s sad to see people being foolish, there’s no use giving up. Nothing good can come of giving up. That just means you lose completely, right away.”

—Richard Stallman on the 30th anniversary of the GNU Manifesto.

Bonus: The Free Software Song by The GNU/Stallmans.

Tom DiCillo on directing actors

What I learned as an actor and from watching really good actors is that it’s important to really give them the sense that you are really seeing what they’re doing. Because they look to you, and you have to let them know that if they try something in a scene that you have witnessed it, and that you’re able to identify it. It’s such an important knowledge. If you don’t know that language, or how to get a performance or how to help an actor, it’s like you’re going in with two hands tied behind your back.

From an interview with Tom DiCillo.