Hey, I’m Diego

I am a Free Software person, communications major, and specialty coffee enthusiast from Lima, Perú.

We might know each other from my Free Software work in GNOME, Debian or WebKit; or maybe from video/audio projects like Conexiones de Hiperderecho; or maybe even from my recent security and privacy research at Hiperderecho.

I’m a technology and communications person

I’m a former (and current) developer for GNOME and have worked for Free Software companies like IgaliaAutomattic, and BeezNest. I’ve also acted as part of the Board of Directors at the GNOME Foundation.

I hold a B.A. in Communication Studies that has informed my technology work and lead it into education and public+developer relationships roles.

I also develop fun little internet projects at Cotidiano.co

I started Cotidiano.co with my friend Miguel as a hub for fun projects like Parchini, a Creative Commons sticker album for the FIFA World Cup, Almorzamos.com, an aggregator for chain-restaurant lunch offers in Lima, and Ventura, a locally sourced notebook brand.

Some of my latest stuff

Articles on my security and privacy research at Hiperderecho