A minimal jhbuild GNOME session in Debian

I recently setup a GNOME development environment (after about seven years!). That meant starting from scratch since my old notes and scripts were completely useless.

My goal for this setup was once again to have the bare minimum jhbuild modules on top of a solid base system provided by my distro. The Linux desktop stack has changed a bit, specially around activation, dbus, and systemd, so I was a bit lost on how to do things properly.

Luckily around the time I was trying to figure this out, I ran into Florian Müllner’s excellent post on how to work on shell hacking on a Silverblue system.

After removing the container-related bits, I was able to get a reliable jhbuild session integrated into my system.

Here is how to run a development GNOME session, fully integrated into your system.

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Some (late) video and audio advice for GUADEC online

GUADEC 2020 has moved online because of the pandemic, and that means that many of us will be streaming our voice and faces.

Seeing as I have a fancy B.A. on Communication Studies & Film, I thought I might share some guerilla film making tips for our new online reality.

Here are some tips on how to sound and look good online.

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