12 little moments of randomness

Old shop in Lima’s center

When I got my camera phone, I never thought of it as a camera or as an opportunity to develop a portfolio. I just snapped pictures for the joy of keeping a record of things I liked.

These pictures are moments that I wanted to keep with me. Some are places, some are people, some are just a memento of a specific day. But all of them are my honest desire to keep a moment with me.

I didn’t take them to show off my technique or talent, and I never thought I would ever publish them. In fact, I’m publishing most of them phone raw.

There are interesting moments around us all the time, and some that only we can see and capture. There’s no need for fancy equipment or fancy subjects, you only need your own curiosity.

These are some of those unique moments, those little moments of randomness.

Click on any photo for details and a short story behind it.